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The Cure For Boredom

by Mark Ellwood

Live Differently!

300 kids come to our house every Halloween. Instead of candy they get stickers and a “magic scroll”, a rolled up poem that I write every year.   This year, my son inspired me to write  ”The Cure For Boredom.”  I’m passionate about inspiring people to spend their time on what’s most important to them.  Sometimes, what’s most important is just curing your child’s boredom.
Be inspired.




Mommy I’m bored there’s nothing to do

I don’t know what’s next, I don’t have a clue


I’ve read all my comics, my coloring’s done

I’ve played with my toys, they’re not really fun


I finished my homework, there wasn’t too much

Rectangles, triangles, big circles and such


I don’t want to finish my drawing right now

The one of the barn with the horse and the cow


There’s a whole lot of clay, but what should I make

A monster from Mars, or a big birthday cake?


I could build an old castle with all of my blocks

Or play that weird game with the hen and the fox.


I’m squirming around in dad’s favorite chair

I turn upside down, put my legs in the air


I might twist around all my fingers and toes

And make a strange face while I turn up my nose


I’m here all alone there’s nothing to do

I sit at the window and stare at the view


I’m bored of this boredom, I’ve now had enough

I don’t want to play with any old stuff


But what I would like when there’s nothing to do

Is just to spend time with someone like you


Let’s play with some cards, I don’t know the name

It’s like crazy eights, a really fun game


I could stop being bored I think I know how

Mom did you hear, can you play with me now?


I really don’t care what we do, you and I

Just reading together or playing “I spy”


The thing I want most from my mom and my dad

Is time spent with me, and that makes me glad


  Mark Ellwood

  October 2014



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