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Seeking Executive Women For A Time Study

by Mark Ellwood

We are looking for time-stressed executive women to participate in an innovative time study.

Ideally, participants would be in senior executive roles, working for large companies, earn over $150,000, and have children living at home.

Women in this group face unique work-life pressures every day. We’re on a quest to find out how their time is spent at work, and how they might gain an extra hour per day for the things that matter most to them; be it work, personal time or time with loved ones.

The study is being sponsored by Mark Ellwood from Pace Productivity Inc. He has conducted time studies for corporate clients since 1990 and often presents his findings at time-use conferences.

Check out the innovative TimeCorder device under the "TimeCorder" tab. Participants in the study would use this easy-to-use time tracker (it’s better than an app!) for two weeks to record their time on a variety of activities. At the end, each participant will receive a report showing her time allocation, and more importantly how she compares to her peers.

There are four different activity lists to choose from. The "Senior Executive" list is all encompassing and would work for most positions. In addition, there are lists for CEOs, Financial Directors and Sales Managers.

Choose from one of these activity lists. Each includes 27 activities:

  • Senior executive – Project management, staff supervision, crises, administration, daily operations, etc.
  • CEO – Board relations, oversight of management team, external relations
  • Financial VP / Director – Financial management, budgeting, cash management, oversight
  • Sales VP/ Director – Business development, key accounts, sales management, service issues

If you are a coach working with executive women, presenting this idea to your clients will give you more data in your work with them. If you are an executive, we’d love for you to participate. And if you know someone who fits the bill, she’ll appreciate your referral. There is no charge to participate in this study.

To get started, pick a list and send your name, address, title, and best phone number to Mark Ellwood at . We’ll confirm your interest and ship you a TimeCorder device. Then with a quick telephone orientation you're all set to go. Your time is worth it!


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