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Putting A Priority On Your Time

by Mark Ellwood

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“A” activities are those that influence long term results.

“B” responsibilities are the activities in your job description that must get done today. 

“C” requirements are those unplanned or unwritten aspects of your job that have to be done.

D” activities  means delete, delay, delegate or drop.

Mark EllwoodMark Ellwood is president of Pace Productivity, an international consulting firm that specializes in improving corporate productivity. His passionate mission is to improve people and processes through consulting and training. 


  Dec 20, 2015 11:22AM
I am working in IT industry. I find it difficult to manage my time. There are so much stuff to be done wihtin 8 hours time frame. I spend lot of hours reading email and answering support calls. As a programmer its very hard to shift from one program to other. It would be great if you could give me some tips.

I am a regular reader of your blog. Thanks for the great tips.

  Dec 24, 2015 01:34AM
P. Smith
Thank you for sharing this great article. When I sit back and think about my life, I think I have spent most of my time for “B” tasks. I did my studies well and that's “A” task and I am enjoying the long term benefit of it.

But, within my career there were stuff I should have done to make a bright future but I didn't have time to attend to them as I was busy with other daily activities. Even when I do have time, I felt lazy to attend.

I am 100% agree with yo...

  Dec 25, 2015 09:06AM
Aaron Jake
Putting a priority on time is the key for time management.

I am a marketing executive for a reputed company. First thing in the morning is checking my inbox. I am bit addicted to it. But I don't take my inbox as my priority list. I write a to-do-list every morning. I check email twice a day and visit Facebook late night.

I account for distractions when I create my priority list. There are compulsory tasks in my to-do-list which I never miss with distractions. For example giving calls t...

  Jan 01, 2016 09:12AM
Celine Dion
Thanks Mark for the great input. I spend 90% of my tasks for type “B” activities. There are so many stuff I should do to improve my job prospects. Those stuff take time. So I find it difficult to allocate my time for those tasks.

I am a freelance web developer. I have few long term clients. But I don't like to depend on few client base as its very risky. I want to expand my client base. For that I need to spend more time to build online reputation. I need to post youtube video...

  Jan 06, 2016 05:20AM
I have lot of 'D' activities. Checking gossip websites, chatting in Facebook and checking emails again and again. I spend more than 2 hours for those 'D' activities. Unfortunately I still didn't able to get rid of those 'D's.


  Jan 07, 2016 03:08AM
Great info. Thanks for sharing.

  Jan 24, 2016 04:42AM
Putting more time in priority tasks is a great investment for future. Other tasks are like ‘spending’. People like spending and less interest in investing. So high amount of motivation is needed to adjust our thoughts to spend time on type ‘A’ tasks.


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